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10.   Explore Kenya’s wildlife National parks

Posted on September 11, 2022

The best wildlife National parks in Kenya

Wildlife National parks are a life sustaining genius and a source of awe for all who visit; From your first glimpse of the mighty lions marauding the sweeping savannahs to antelope bounding through cool rain forests, from the birds as well as baboons that fill the tropical jungle to the dolphins that leap about you in a dazzling marine reserve.

From the threatened rhinos to roaming big cats to vast herds of elephants, and teeming flocks of birdlife, just about every kind of wildlife can be found in Kenya’s rich array of national parks.

Below are some of the national parks that can be explored on any safari to Kenya.

Nairobi National Park;

It’s incredibly with in the sight of downtown Nairobi where you can spot lions, leopards, buffaloes , giraffes, and so much more just minutes away from the big city. There are many tourist activities that are carried out in this park and some of these include; game drives, were you get up close with nature during the game drive with encounters of very spectacular varied animal species, Bird viewing; the park offers birding opportunities and holds over 400 different migratory and endemic bird species. There are also migratory bird species that enter the reserve between November and April which make bird watching possible all year round.

There are also walking safaris which h is done along a raised wooden walkway allowing the visitors to have an aerial view of the spectacular landscapes and animals of the park. The activity also prepares the mind of visitors on what to expect in the reserve when they move closer to the animals during the game drives.

The other attractions that can be participated in on your safari to Nairobi National Park include; Nairobi Animal Orphanage, The Impala Observation point, the Ivory Burning site and Picnic Area and many more.

Masai Mara National Reserve;

This is the Kenya’s wildlife national parks with densest concentration of lions in the region; the Mara is home to the great Migration. This is the largest movement of animals on the planet. There are over two million Gazelle, wildebeest and zebra flow into the park in a yearly cycle of survival. The main tourist activities carried out in this national parks include; Nature walks, game drives cultural visits, bird watching as well as Hot Air Balloon safaris.

Masai Mara National Reserve can be accessible all year round, the most wildlife rewarding time being the green season when many of the animals both migratory and permanent residents are present in the reserve. The wildebeest migrations usually unfolds between July- October comprising wildebeest, grant’s zebras, and antelopes crossing from the adjacent Serengeti National Park in Tanzania through the crocodile infested Mara River to the Maasai Mara National reserve. The low season of November- March may not offer the wildebeest migration but there is plenty more wildlife to view and less crowding.

Tsavo East national Park and Tsavo West National Parks

These are Kenya’s largest reserves and wildlife national parks; these hold all the Big five, including the large herds of elephants. Tsavo East National Park’s main safari tourist activities and attractions include; Bird watching, camping, Mutanda Rock, Yatta plateau as well as Aruba dam. Tsavo west national park main tourist activities and attractions include; game viewing, Rock climbing, cave exploration, Bird watching, Ngulia Rhino sanctuary and Mzima springs and many more.

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Sambura National Park; This wildlife national parks is home to close to a thousand great elephants plus the native Samburu people, this peaceful national park presents opportunities to see unusual species, birdlife, and African wild dogs.

Amboseli National park

This is framed top among wildlife national parks for and by towering Mt Kilimanjaro at its southern border, the park’s dense concentration of elephants guarantees sightings of the noble creatures. The main tourist activities carried out in this park include; wildlife viewing, Bird watching, cultural visit, as well as sightseeing. This national parks can be visited any time of the year, however for the best wildlife viewing experience; the best time to visit the park is during the drier seasons in the months of January and February and between June and October when a large number of animals gather at the water holes especially in the morning as well as at sunset.

 Lake Nakuru National Park

Even though they are endangered, you are sure to see black Rhinos in the park’s protected sanctuary. The birdlife bounds with sightings of fuchsia flamingoes. The national park is just south of the town of Nakuru, under the protection of the Lake. Its proximity to Nairobi, about 164km which allows day tours and part of a circuit taking in the Maasai Mara or lake Baringo and east to Samburu wildlife national parks. Apart the flamingoes, there are two large fish eating the pelicans and cormorants that are in large numbers at the Lake. There are over 400 resident species of birds on Lake Nakuru and its surrounding park.

Ol pejata Wildlife sanctuary is home to Rhinos that are shielded, safe from poaching so their numbers will increase. It’s located here as well, the sweet waters chimpanzee sanctuary that takes in orphaned and wounded chimps. It’s the only place in Kenya where you can enjoy the antics of these great creatures.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Parks; snorkel and dive with the dolphins and turtles by an immense coral barrier reef, sometimes called the rainforest of the sea.

The Watamu Marine National Park; though not among wildlife national parks, there are brilliant lagoons and dazzling coral gardens that hold sea turtles, hundreds of fish and manta rays.

Malindi Marine National Park; its Africa’s first marine park that offers fringing coral reefs with turtles, dolphins, innumerable fish as well as shorebirds.

In case the sight of fish swimming in crystal cold lakes and streams is more to your liking, you then need to visit Aberdare National Park. It’s a paradise of waterfalls, cool mountain breezes and thick rainforest is the opposite of what most people take as an African typical African park.

The rest of the wildlife national parks in Kenya include; Mt Longonot National Park as well Mt Kenya National Parks. All these national parks can be visited throughout the year.

Safari and parks

Having known the best wildlife national parks in Kenya, there are tourist circuits and safari itinerary to consider in matching the parks. However, the number of days is determining factor on the choice of the best itinerary in Kenya. Among the top safaris that combines most of the best wildlife national parks includes:

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