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7 African Vacation Ideas with Kids

A family of elephants spotted on a safari which is among the best African vacation ideas with kids

African Vacation Ideas with kids

The time we spend with our children is precious, no matter where we are. But traveling with kids to Africa is unique because it is a great, highly educational adventure. Here are 7 African vacation ideas with kids for people who want to make some unforgettable memories.

1.      A family-friendly safari in South Africa

Usually, when people travel with children, safety is the most crucial factor to consider. Therefore, an African safari is not most parents’ first choice. But in South Africa, several safari options are kid friendly. Your kids will love the opportunity to be close to wild animals, and it will be an excellent hands-on learning experience. Here’s the example of a few:

2.      Take your family on an Egyptian adventure

Egypt was once a country with unparalleled power. The remnants of that ancient civilization continue to amaze people of all ages and cultures. Tourist organizations offer trip deals that are so rich in different activities that it is impossible to get bored. 

The coast of Egypt is enchanting with its golden sand and crystal blue water, providing an assortment of exceptional hotel resorts. Most of them are family-oriented and offer food, accommodation, and entertainment, ensuring that parents and kids are always satisfied and having fun. As the Red sea is known for its spectacular reefs, snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in Egypt.

When you decide to leave the hotel, the history lesson begins. The Great Pyramid in Giza is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and a must-see when in Egypt. The trip to the pyramid isn’t suitable for little children, but teenagers will love it. Also, there’s an option of sailing the Nile River the whole family will enjoy.

Since some travel packages include changing several accommodations, you should consider this valuable advice one of the experts from Easy Move KW gave us when asked about efficient packing. He said you should try to organize your suitcase as if it were a shelf. Pack all your clothes into little flat rectangular bundles and stack them so you can see them all at once when you open your suitcase. This packing method is both simple and user-friendly.

One of the best African vacation ideas with kids is visiting the Great Pyramid in Giza

3.      A journey to Morocco will make some unforgettable memories

In Morocco, your children will feel like they have ended up in a storybook. The colors, the smells, the music – it is most likely completely different than everything you and your kids have ever experienced in your life. Moroccan people value family, so you will find them very friendly and communicative, especially with kids. Visiting the Sahara Desert and having tea while listening to music in the dunes is hard to explain with words.

With all its different products, the souk of Marrakesh is something you can’t see anywhere else. Finally, there’s a beach town Agadir where your kids can learn how to surf, or if that is too ordinary, there’s sand surfing too. All in all one of the most adventurous African vacation ideas with kids.

4.      Kenya – one of the top African vacation ideas with kids

Some of the most magical beaches in Africa are located in Kenya. The children, the parents, and the rest – everyone will be overwhelmed with the heavenly beauty of the coast of Kenya. Those living in the colder countries of the world can treat themselves and their family to summer vacation during the ice-cold winter. The optimal time for traveling to the beachy parts of Kenya is from mid-March to May. 

But beaches are not all the excellent Kenya has to offer. Those keen on being active while on vacation can sign up for white water rafting on the Sagana River. It is suitable for all but the youngest of kids. Another great way to break some sweat in Kenya is to cycle with zebras and giraffes. You can do this in Hell’s Gate National Park, where you and your kids will get a chance to spot wild animals roaming around freely. But don’t worry, this area is safe hence making it in the list of African vacation ideas with kids.

As opposed to the more physically demanding activities, there is one interesting custom in Kenya that has recently gained a lot of popularity – enjoying the sunset. As simple as it may be, the Kenyans have taken it to a new level. They find a spectacular location from where the sunset is the nicest. In the late afternoon, they set up a barbecue, a table with drinks, and chairs where they sit and wait for the sun to go down. Doesn’t it sound awesome? One of the good spots for it is in the Rhino Fund Uganda gives you an exclusive chance to observe the rhinos from up close, so don’t miss it when in Kenya.

The beaches of Kenya are amazing, the whole family can enjoy a nice afternoon there

5.      Uganda is perfect for animal-lovers and reconnecting with nature

Uganda, the pearl of Africa, that’s what they call it. It’s one of the rare places where you can find the endangered mountain gorillas, and there are tours you can take to get to know these animals better. You can take your kids with you, and they will learn first-hand why it is essential to protect animals and how precious and vulnerable they are. Speaking of animals, here are a few locations animal-lovers should not miss:

Among other attractions in Uganda that make it one of the best African vacation ideas with kids, there are also gorgeous temples. Of course, just like almost any African country, the beauty of nature in Uganda is breathtaking.

Rhino Fund Uganda gives you an exclusive chance to observe the rhinos from up close

6.      Zanzibar top African vacation ideas with kids

The beauty of Zanzibar beaches is widely praised worldwide, and everyone enjoying it is a dream come true for people of all ages. But apart from that, Zanzibar has much more to wow the tourists. For example, in this country, there’s an island where you and your kids can see giant tortoises and even feed them. As opposed to beachy afternoons and mornings among animals, there’s an option to visit a spice plantation. Children love this place, as well as the adults! You can learn about the various uses of the spices, such as repelling mosquitos or getting rid of a toothache. Finally, people can visit the charming Stone Town full of markets and fascinating streets you will never forget.

To achieve the maximum level of relaxation and joy, before you head off to Zanzibar (or any other vacation destination), inform all your coworkers you will be out of reach and stick to it. Try to phase out all the stress, at least for the duration of your trip. If you are worried about the safety of your belongings at home while you are away, it might be convenient for you to rent out a storage unit. Do a bit of research on that subject and decide based on the pros and cons of this solution if it is right for you. Finally, put a smile on your face and enjoy every minute of your holiday!

7.      Why Tanzania is in the list of African vacation ideas with kids

Do you and your children like riding a bike? You can cycle through the banana plantations in Tanzania and end your ride with a traditional Tanzanian lunch. At Meserani Snake Park, you can find some fascinating and useful facts about venomous snakes and some other reptiles. Another unusual attraction in Tanzania you can visit is Ngorongoro Crater, a natural volcanic basin full of wildlife to explore. Naturally, the beaches of Tanzania are exceptional, which, together with its other features, makes it a very popular honeymoon destination.

Final thoughts on African vacation ideas with kids

As you can see after reading these 7 African vacation ideas with kids, not many compares to Africa when it comes to having a truly extraordinary time. With all the above mentioned and more, it is no wonder Africa is on top of many people’s must-see list. So, choose what you like best and start packing. Making on the list of African vacation ideas with kids is the best Kenya safaris, Uganda safaris and Tanzania safaris tailored and customizable with family African holiday in mind.

African vacation ideas with kids can never be complete without knowing the best places to visit and also the cost of an African safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

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