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Top 10 Safari Deals: 3 Ways To Save Even More

Safari deals

Safari deals

Best safari deals; Every good thing or bad thing has something positive in it or to someone. There are those who benefit when everything is going well and there are those who play something bad to happen because their business depends on it. I have heard a doctor complaining there are no patients and his hospital is no longer doing well.

I have heard a morgue owner complaining that times are hard. Why?. His business is down. Does it mean they wish people bad things? No. They are only concerned about their livelihood.  They fear for their income that is their family’s upkeep.

No one would have wished for a time like this, Covid-19 pandemic will be here with thus destroying even the mighty economies like China and the United States of America. However, it’s here with us. The entire world has been put to a halt by the covid-19, most countries are on lock-down.

Some have closed their bonders in their quest to protect their people from the effect of pandemics. Countries have put lock-down within their territories to prevent the spread of the virus to areas that are not affected. Tough times, is it?

Travel industry

The tourism and travel industry has been the hardest hit by the pandemic where airlines have halted operations. Most airports are no longer operational with hotels empty with no guests. This has led to massive job losses worldwide that are affecting many families. Nevertheless, as countries and people learn how to live with the pandemic, this provides an opportunity to explore the best holiday destination from the comfort of our houses.

Already 2020 is gone, so it’s time to explore and research on the best destination for the next family holiday in 2021. Sure by then, covid-19 will have been under control. Alternatively, we shall have known and adopted better ways to live with it and measures to keep ourselves safer than we feel now. Tour operators are optimistic of a better tomorrow and have put special offers and flexible booking terms that are for grab. 

This then is the best time to search and get the best safari offer and booked the 2021 holiday.

Booking safari and holiday in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania best time.

However, during normal times, getting the best offer depends on season and timing. There is a feeling that many have that booking safari at the last minute guarantees the best offer. No matter how true it seems and sounds, one gets what’s available not what is the best. Last-minute advertisement is for the obvious reason of filling the empty seats or rooms. This offer comes with conditions that may sound favorable but with some sort of limitations to the terms and conditions therein.

Early booking not only guarantees the best and negotiable offers like in safari booking but also offers flexible payment terms. This allows one to pay a smallholding and confirmation deposit while work to save the balance and paying in instalments. Although a deposit is paid to confirm and balance before arrival, one has the liberty to pay in instalments. Thus giving one flexibility without affecting one’s budget.

The season determines the cost of a safari. There are at least 3 seasons with different prices in any country that allows one to book based on the budget. taking an example with Kenya, booking a safari between April-June will cost 50% less what the same safari would cost between July-October. April to June is regarded as low season due to rainy season and prices are lower due to fewer guests.

This is the best time to book when on a tight budget although one should be prepared a face-off with heavy rains. July-October has moderate rainfall with September regarded as a dry season with almost no rain. With is and wildebeest migration at Masai mara, make this time the most preferred by tourists coming to enjoy safari and sun due to winter season in most western and European countries. 

How to choose the best airline, hotel, and safari operator?

Choosing the operator is the key to a successful holiday which takes the biggest percentage in having a dream holiday. It’s important to research well based on factors like flexibility, efficiency, and services offered. Reading reviews from other guests helps in assuring oneself of what to expect.

Selecting reputable companies with a good reputation and success record will be half to having a great safari. Be involved in the planning, ask questions, and clarifications on what you feel are not clear. I have seen a safari and holiday messed over small details that were ignored by both operator and guest when doing the booking. If Allergic or on a special diet or have an underlying health condition, it’s important to have it communicated to the operator.






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