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Denhum Holidays Limited has adopted tourism and hospitality protocols on health and safety to mitigate the effects of the disruptions caused by the coronavirus disease and taken the responsibility for ensuring that destination Kenya is safe for tourism and tourist since opening her bounders.

Protocols: We strictly adhere to guidelines and directives by the government through the ministry of health as follows:

1. Drivers must have a COVID-19-FREE Certificate that must be renewed every 14 days as necessary after coming into contact with guests.

2. Driver must have at least basic prior-training on the standard practices in prevention of the spread of COVID-19 (Standard Prevention Procedure)

3. All vehicles must be equipped with a contactless thermometer (thermal-gun) and drivers must have training on how to take guest temperatures, read and interpret results

4. All hired vehicles must be equipped with PPE basics such as sanitizers, extra face masks, hand gloves, and so on…

5. Vehicles must be installed with air-conditioners with particulate filters and purifiers and all windows should be capable of opening when required to allow air circulation.

6. If possible, vehicles must have automatic doors to be operated by one person (driver) and disinfected/sanitized after every use.

7. All vehicles must be equipped with removable and washable (or even disposable) headrest covers to be cleaned/changed DAILY after every trip or service.

8. Driver must THOROUGHLY clean and sanitize his safari vehicle at the close of the day or as deemed necessary especially before switching guests/trips.

9. Drivers must minimize stopovers, especially at Curio Shops and Eateries to minimize spread/contamination with the virus.

10. Drivers to stick guest documents such as itineraries on the car seats or on the body of the vehicle to avoid contact with guests

11. In addition to the Ministry of Health free helpline (Dial 719), drivers must have alternative emergency helplines to report any suspicious symptoms that may be shown by any guest while away on safari.

12. Drivers must refrain from shaking hands, hugging, pecking, or kissing guests at all times for obvious reasons.

Booking cancellations terms amended

Due to unpredictable COVID-19, we have suspended our cancellation terms. As of 1st August 2020, all new bookings will be amended or canceled at no cost as long it’s done in 72 hours before the travel date. However, once canceled, a voucher or an official letter with company letterhead will be issued to defer the same safari to a later date that’s convenient to the client(s). 

Should you need further information or assistance with your bookings, do not hesitate to contact us or Whatsapp/call +254777104886 

On behalf of Team Denhum Holidays, 

Ian Njoroge Sales & Operations Director


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