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Kenya safari cost

Kenya Safari Cost: 5 Main Factors to Consider

Posted on March 18, 2021

Kenya safari cost

Many questions come in mind as to the Kenya safari cost. Planning safari in Kenya, like in other holiday destination in Africa and world. Questions such as, what is cost of safari in Kenya? How much does it cost to go safari in Kenya? What is safari price in Kenya? What are the best places to visit in Kenya? However, all these questions lead to one answer, the cost of safari in Kenya. The answer though will depend on who you ask.

Nevertheless, I will compare this with the cost of cup of tea. A cup of tea will cost less in downtown streets and same cup will cost more and more as as standard of hotel changes. It’s all about ones social standard and budget. There are safaris for all budgets in Kenya, however, below are the determining factors to consider. Such factors such as choice of itinerary, accommodation standard, cost of flight, and nature of safari among others.

Kenya Safari Cost: factors to consider


Day-day programmed to guide the whole safari and holiday dictating what to do each day. The longer the itinerary, this higher the prices and vice versa also taking to account the distance from one destination to the other. Cost of transport and park entry fees should determine the Kenya safari cost. If unsure where to visit in Kenya and kind of itinerary, explore some of the best itineraries in Kenya.


Choice of accommodation determines total Kenya safari cost and package. Be it lodge safari or camping safari in Kenya, it’s the standard of accommodation that matters. Budget accommodation like simple camping  price ranges from less than $100-$150 while luxury accommodation ranges from $250 to $1500, Cost is per double room per night. Thus getting the best safari deals in Kenya has everything to do with whole cost of safari.

Nature of safari:

Different types of safari means different price range. Whilst this involves ones interest and what to see, it will affect Kenya safari cost in many way. Normal safari which main agenda is game drives may be cheaper than safari where cultural tour is involved. Like wise lodge safari may be cheaper than eco-tented camps, but it all depends with ones budget. The more activities in the itinerary, the higher the cost. Likewise, as mentioned above, the more the days, the cost with the choice of safari vehicle being the determining factor too.

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Number of persons:

This is another factor that determine the Kenya safari cost is the numbers booked on safari in Kenya as a family or group. The cost of transport is cheaper when many are sharing the vehicle. Hence a safari with 2 people cost more than a safari with more than 4 people. Cost of safari transport in Kenya ranges from $150 to $350 per day depending on type of vehicle used. This cost include driver guide allowance, his accommodation, fuel and park entrance fees for himself and vehicle.

Cost of international flight:

From the comfort of your home, do a quick research on the cost of flight to your destination of choice. The earlier you book your flight the cheaper it seems in most instances. Thus a quick search on skyscanner to your destination will give the estimate cost of flight. Flight depending with destination one is coming from is a factor in Kenya safari cost with airline offering different prices.

When is the best Time of the year to go on a safari in Kenya?

In Kenya there are different seasons in a year with each having different accommodation cost. Though cost of transport and park fees may remain constant depending on the choice of company traveling with, same safari will cost different price depending on season. January to March and July to October is peak season and best time to safari in Kenya.

Though prices are at the highest, it remain most competitive season for tourist running away from winter in the west. Wildebeest migration between Masai mara and Serengeti happens between July and October. November to December with exception of Christmas period high season with moderate prices. . April to June is low season when safari lodges and camp prices are the lowest. However there is a lot of rain in low season, hence many shy from traveling at the time, hence low prices to keep lodges and camps running and attracting budget clients.

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