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Short safari from Mombasa

12 Best Short Safari From Mombasa

Posted on November 10, 2020

If you are looking for short safari from Mombasa?Some of the most popular short safari from Mombasa is Kenya’s second and busy city after Nairobi. Located along the Indian Ocean, Mombasa, with a population of 900,000, is no sleepy seaside village.

Its beachfront hotels appeal to travelers in search of sun, sand, and surf, while its Arab, Indian, and colonial European heritage makes for a wide variety of sights to see. It’s a tourist hub in Kenya popular with beach holidaymakers for its sand beaches, best beach hotels, apartments, and cottages. Short Safaris from Mombasa, Malindi, Diani, and Watamu beaches is a no miss.

Short safari from Mombasa

Any visitor in any town thinks of something to add value to their stay and activities to do to. Short day excursions, activities, tours, and safaris always come to mind. While on the coast, there are so many activities one can do.

Full day Shimba Hills National Reserve

Tops the list in short safari from Mombasa; Shimba hill national reserve is a rain forest in nature and a popular park with beach holidaymakers at the coast. It’s less than 1hrs drive from another coast beach hotel (Mombasa) and 30 minutes driver from Diani beach hotels. This proximity to the beach makes it the best short safari when one wants a taste of safari while at the coast.

There are estimated to be approximately over 700 elephants in the reserve and the home for the endangered sable antelopes remaining in Kenya. Other wildlife found at Shimba hills includes Giraffe, Leopard, Genet, Impala, colobus monkey, vervet monkey, Sykes monkey, waterbuck, bush pig, buffalo. Other games found here include bushbaby, galago, black and red shrew.

For bird watchers, this is the best place to be. With over 100 bird species recorded, 22 are coastal endemic species among them are blue sunbird, quail, crowned, greater hornbill, honeyguide, ostrich, eagle, African hawk, falcon, cuckoo. Others include Guinea-fowl and fish eagle which common resident at Shimba hills lodge water hole entertaining guest having lunch.

Cost varies from $56 to $120 depending on the number of persons, for the best price email us.

Escorted walk to Sheldrick falls inside Shimba hills

Escorted walk to Sheldrick fall is a must for nature lovers and health-wise fit visitors. It’s more than a 2kms walk in the rain forest to Sheldrick falls where most take bath with water falling on their shoulders after the long walk. Going down is easy but coming uphill is tough hence one must be physically fit to do it.

Full-Day Wasini Island

With Kisite marine national park, Wasini island is famous for dhow tours, dolphin spot where one can swim with them. Attractions include Coral reefs & Marine life, Kisite and Wasini Island, Sandy islands that formulate during low tide.

Activities include Snorkeling, Dolphin Spotting, local dhow Ride, Marine Sightseeing, Seafood Lunch, Wasini Island Village Walk, and Shimoni caves walk For the best price email us ranging from $70 to $130 depending on number of persons

Full-Day Tsavo East National park

For safari enthusiastic, this is the best short safari from Mombasa. Full day Tsavo East National Park is the best and popular safari with beach holidaymakers on the coast. The park is almost 3hrs drive from any beach hotel in Mombasa beach, Diani Beach, Watamu, and Malindi. From Malindi and Watamu, it is easily accessible through the Sala gate while those from Mombasa and Diani beaches use Bachuma gate.

During full day game drives, elephant, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, lion, leopard, cheetah, ostrich, eagles, eland, impala, Thompson gazelles, mongoose, hippos are among the many that easily seen at Tsavo east national park.

City tour of Mombasa

Mombasa is a Swahili city with historical sites that are worth visiting. Fort Jesus is a must-visit while on a city tour of Mombasa. Other places include old town, mosque, market, Haller park, tamarind dhow, Akamba craft market among other places.

Arabuko Sokoke forest

This is best for bird lovers and bird watchers although it overs a nice nature walk for all with a lot of information being offered by the resident nature guides

Overnight Tsavo East National Park

Kenya is a safari destination where taking a break from the beach would add more value to a beach holiday. Tsavo East is the best option to do a short safari from Mombasa due it its closeness to the coast; 3hrs a drive from any beach hotel along the coast.

During this safari, one would have a minimum of 3 game drives, 2 the first day, and 1 the last day. Extra game drive en-route out of the park, noting that park fee is valid for 24hrs, hence need to exit the park the same time you entered. Extra park fee is charge full if found inside having over stayed.

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Overnight Shimba Hills

As mention above, Shimba hill national reserve is located along with the coastal town of Kwale, a few minutes’ drive from Diani beach and an hour drive from Mombasa. This would be a good place to do an overnight safari from any beach hotel along the coast more so from Mombasa and Diani beach hotels. Overnight will be at Shimba hills lodge, the only lodge found in the reserve is a must for anyone considering a short safari from Mombasa to break from the beach.

Full-day or overnight Mwaluganje conservancy

A Short safari from Mombasa to Mwaluganje conservancy is by far an extension of Shimba hills through the locally owned conservancy. It serves as a migratory corridor for elephants from Shimba hills. Hundreds of elephants can be spotted here, buffalo among other wild animals. Overnight at Mwaluganje camp is always a better option.

3 Days Tsavo East and Tsavo West National parks

Tsavo is the biggest national park in Kenya, with Tsavo east and Tsavo west separated by Mombasa- Nairobi highway is another short safari from Mombasa. Starting in either park, this is a safari like no other where one will see almost what there is to see on any safari in Kenya.

Elephants, buffalo, rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, gazelles, zebras among many others will be available for one to spot while on game drives. Mzima spring at Tsavo west is a must-visit with its underwater glass to see hippos, fish, and crocodiles. While at Tsavo East, stay at Satao camp, Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Voi safari lodge, Voi wildlife lodge would be great. In Tsavo West, Kilaguni Serena lodge, Ngulia, Severin camp are among the best places to stay at.

3 Days Masai mara

Masai Mara is the most famous safari destination in Kenya. This is not a place to miss even when on a beach holiday at the coast. Though one can get to Masai mara by road or train through Nairobi, flying is the best option and shorter way to get to Masai Mara, thus making in the list of short safari from Mombasa .

Mombasa Air is the main airline that flies from Coast beach towns to Masai mara daily with one flight in the morning and another in the afternoon. Depending on which airport is closer to the hotel, it’s recommended to be at the airport at the latest 7 am. Departs Mombasa airport at 730am and picks clients a Diani airstrip and at Malindi airport.

Depending on which lodge or camp guest are staying, 4 shared game drives a must. Afternoon game drives on the arrival day, morning game drives and afternoon game drives the next day and an early morning game drive the last day.

Flight back to the coast departs from 2 pm depending on which lodge or camp one is staying at since the airline picks guests from different airstrips in Masai Mara. Flights arrive at the coast from 430pm and a transfer back to the hotel to continue with beach holiday stay at the sand beach.

Amboseli National park

A short safari from Mombasa to Amboseli national park is a better option too from the coast. This is popular with guests who want to do 3 to 4 days of safaris itinerary. An overnight at Tsavo east and 2 nights Amboseli is a good option for guests taking a beach break. However, flying using Mombasa air is the preferred option for those who just want to visit Amboseli.

Here there are hundreds of elephants, buffalo, zebra, lions, leopards, cheetah, giraffe among many other wild animals found in Kenya. Located at the bonder of Kenya and Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro makes a visit to Amboseli so memorable. The best views of Kilimanjaro are from Amboseli and most photos one can see are taking from Amboseli national park.

Now you know the best short safaris from Mombasa and activities to do during your beach holiday in Kenya!

However, there are many excursion that one can do from nightlife to day short excursion, for more details let us know what you in mind. Our Mombasa team will tailor and short safari from Mombasa for you.

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