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Best Kenya safari tours

Top 20 Best Kenya Safari Tours In 2023

Posted on February 26, 2021

Best Kenya safari tours; Kenya is the leading safari destination in Africa and the gate to East Africa that offers incredible natural beauty. From her welcoming and hospitable people, authentic wildlife safari, white sandy beaches at the coast to great cultural heritage.

Similarly, Kenya’s protected and conservation areas  such as national parks and reserves to marine parks got rules and regulations. Such rules include no littering, no plastic bags and bottles in the parks, no moving out of the vehicle in undesignated areas. Others include no off-driving in parks, no making noise to animals, no over speeding, no feeding of wild animals.

However, selecting and deciding which Kenya safari tours to take and which places to visit can be hectic. Equally important to consider is the choice of accommodation to stay at.

Nevertheless, here are the top 20 best Kenya safari tours, all tried and tested by thousands of clients and completely customizable to meet your travel wishes:

1. Beach Break to Experience Raw Nature In Tsavo

Duration: 2 days  Destination: Tsavo East National Park  Accommodation: Lodges or camps

Though popular with beach holidaymakers at the coast who want to mix their beach holiday with safari, 2 days safari to Tsavo East is good choice while on safari in Kenya. Located 2hrs from the coast, Tsavo is teamed with wildlife like lions, elephants, leopards, cheetah, buffalos, gazelles among others.

Tour highlights:

  • Short driving hours from Mombasa, Diani, Malindi and Watamu, vast open savannah teamed with wildlife, classic accommodation of all budgets and famous red elephants of Tsavo.

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2. Cultural & Wildlife Safari Over-Looking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Duration: 4 days Destinations: Amboseli, Tsavo East & Tsavo West  Accommodation: Lodges or Camps

If you’re short of time or just looking to extend an awesome Africa experience combined with beach holidays in Kenya, then this Safari starting either in Nairobi or Mombasa is for you. Though, most Kenya safari tours blends very well with beach holiday extension at the cost; additionally this is one of the best safari popular with safari and beach holiday makers.

Tour Highlights:

  • Unlimited game drives, cultural tour at Masai village, view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and of course great accommodation of all budgets
Kenya and Tanzania safaris

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3. Classic Highlights & Cultural Tour

Duration: 7 days Destination: Samburu, Naivasha, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara Accommodation: Lodges or Camps

In the event that you are looking for some cultural activities and wildlife safari, then this classic highlights & cultural tour in Kenya is a must. However, Kenya for many years has been voted as one of the best safari destinations in Africa with one of the main reasons being hospitality, world-class safari lodges, and best national parks with a lot of game animals in their natural habitat, culture is of her people blends it all.

Tour highlights:

  • cultural tour in Samburu and Masai villages, unlimited game drives, sightseeing, rare and endangered wildlife in Samburu, Great Rift valley lakes with great viewpoints as well as great migration of wildebeest that happens every year at Masai Mara

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4. Fly Over Expecting Pristine Wilderness & Abundant Wilderness

Duration: 3 days Destination: Masai Mara Accommodation: Lodges or Camps of all budgets

In the event that time is not on your side but still want to experience the best safari tours in Kenya, then this is a must safari. This is a 2 Nights safari to Masai Mara and departs daily from either Mombasa, Ukunda (for clients staying at Diani beach), or from Nairobi using scheduled daily flights to Masai Mara.

Tour highlights:

  • largest wildlife concentration from big 5 (lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, buffalos), hippos, crocodiles, different types of gazelles to great wildebeest migration happening very July to October

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5. Great Kenya Safari; Discover Kenyan Wildlife & Amazing Local Cultural Activities

Duration: 7 days Destination: Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Tsavo Accommodation: Lodges or Camps

There’s nothing better than a week of wildlife watching in Kenya. This tailor-made Kenya 7 days safari package has been designed to combine cultural insight with naturally exciting animal encounters. Above all, this is ideal for honeymooners or families looking for a rich and varied itinerary.

Game drives and visits to local communities are just a couple of options to ensure travelers get to maximize their time in Kenya on a tailor-made week away. Starting in Nairobi and completing in Mombasa also invites opportunities to extend a wildlife tour in Kenya to include some well-deserved beach time. Alternatively, the spice island of Zanzibar also makes for a convenient setting upon completion of a seven-day tour.

Tour Highlights:

  • Unlimited game drives, cultural tours, view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, see wildebeest migration (July – October)

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6. Explore The Amazing Aberdare Ranges & Scenic Kenya Parks

Duration: 6 days  Destination: Mt. Kenya, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru & Masai Mara Accommodation: Lodges

This is a Kenya family tailor-made safari which is best for all holidaymakers in Kenya. As a matter of facts, safari starts with a relaxing game viewing day in Mt. Kenya National Park. Likewise, a trip to Aberdares National park gives the best experience ever with accommodation at the famous The Ark with a lot of game viewing from the lodge. Uniquely, from Aberdares, the beautiful landscape and the whole view of Great Rift Valley are unforgettable and remain in your memory all your life with its heart at the Lake Nakuru National Park. However, the Safari climax is at Masai Mara where you will have a chance to do extensive unlimited game drives for 3 days. In reality, with Kenya’s family’s tailor-made safari, it’s guaranteed to have a great holiday and safari in Kenya.

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Tour Highlights:

  • Great view of Mt, Kenya, beautiful Aberdare ranges, game viewing from lodge balcony at Aberdare, unlimited game drives as well as cultural tour at Masai village, sightseeing and great view of the Great Rift Valley Kenya safari packages

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7. Face-off with Africa Big 5 at Masai Mara Safari

Duration: 4 days  Destination: Masai Mara & Lake Nakuru National Park Accommodation: Lodges or Camps

This 4 days Masai Mara safari is ideal for travelers who are short on time but still want to experience the very best of East Africa’s most magnificent wildlife reserves. Tight schedules due to work or other constraints are simply a fact of life but we don’t think this should stop you from making the most of the Masai Mara on safari.

Tour Highlights:

  • Great wildebeest migration (July – October), unlimited games, flexible and experienced driver guild as well as cultural tour in Masai village
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8. Discover Africa Wildlife & Sandy Beaches

Duration: 7 days  Destinations: Amboseli, Tsavo West & Tsavo East  Accommodation: Lodges or Camps

Looking to extend an awesome Africa experience safari and beach holiday combination? Then this seven days safari and beach holiday arrangement are for you. While you’ll be starting out in Nairobi and completing the safari tour in Mombasa you’ll be presented with every opportunity possible to spend time on the plains of Africa before enjoying some well-deserved time out at the beach.

Tour Highlights:

  • Cultural tour, Unlimited game drives, view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, beach holiday extension at the coast

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9. Unlimited Bush Safari Across Kenya

Duration: 7 days Destinations: Masai Mara, Naivasha, Lake Nakuru & Amboseli Accommodation: Lodges or Camps

This 7 days Kenya Highlights include all the classic safari highlights as well as a few lesser-known encounters alongside. Tailoring a tour to coincide with the spectacular wildebeest migration, during July and October, is one such way to ensure your experience gets off to the best possible start.

Witnessing a whole host of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelle, crossing the Mara River and fending off crocodiles in the process, is simply a phenomenal sight and certainly not to be missed during peak season. Elsewhere in Kenya, you’ll discover the Great Rift Valley where volcanic landscapes and hot thermal springs make a visit to the shores of Lake Bogoria another unforgettable highlight.

Tour Highlights:

  • Cultural tour, unlimited game drives, sightseeing in the great rift valley, visit rift valley lakes and great view of Mt. Kilimanjaro while at Amboseli

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10. Journey Through East African Following Wildebeest Migration Routes

Duration: 10 days Destination: Kenya and Tanzania best parks Accommodation: Lodges or camps

This ten-day safari tour of two of East Africa’s most wildlife abundant countries, Kenya and Tanzania is a must for travelers wishing to take life by the scruff of the neck.

Marrying the best-loved locations of both countries provides a unique and exciting experience that can be tailored to suit your interests and budget. From safari lodges and tented camps to luxury boutique accommodation, this is your tour and we want you to feel comfortable and engaged every step of the way.

Tour Highlights:

  • Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Amboseli national parks, wildebeest migration between Masai Mara and Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater lake, Tarangire famous for big and large herds of elephants as well as great view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Amboseli national park
Best Kenya safari tours

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More Kenya safari tours

Kenya is a great and pretty safari destination if Africa, and even though we have mentioned just a few of the best itineraries in Kenya. However, there are fantastic Kenya safari tours touring different parts of Kenya. Additionally, all Kenya safari tours combines very well with beach holidays at the coast of Kenya or Zanzibar, safari in Tanzania and safari in Uganda.

Hence, for more or Kenya safari tours and samples of one combining Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Click Here

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