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5 Reasons to Visit Tanzania

Reasons to Visit Tanzania

Reasons to Visit Tanzania in 2023

The largest in the East African region, Tanzania is a country with exceptional diversity in many aspects. With a population of almost 64 million people who speak over 100 different languages, this amazing country is extremely rich culture-wise. But what attracts the visitors the most is the fact that Tanzania is home to a staggering number of various animal species. Even though there are much more than that, here are the 5 reasons to visit Tanzania in 2023.

Great Wildlife Migration in Tanzania is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle

What is the Great Wildlife Migration?

As nature has neatly arranged it, each year, wildlife animals travel clockwise down the age-old path about 800 – 1000km long in search of better living conditions. Columns of wildebeest and their companions, such as zebras and gazelles, proceed in search of plentiful watering holes and grass escaping hunger and thirst. This is the largest movement of its kind on the planet, numbering more than 12 million animals. Along the way, this unusual procession experiences a rollercoaster of life events.

Lots of predators lurk from nearby hideaways, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The number of migrators decreases due to that but also goes back up as the reproduction continues. And so the cycle of life repeats over and over.

One of the top reasons to visit Tanzania is to witness this spectacle

The great wildlife migration is the greatest show on Earth, and having a front-row seat to it is a priceless experience. This is different from the usual safari, and it is the ultimate adventure for wildlife enthusiasts. Since we are talking about the never-ending annual cycle, there’s no one perfect time of the year to witness it. It all depends on which event of the Great Migration you want to see. Here’s the selection of potential events you could witness:

Although this adventure is neither cheap nor for the weak of heart, barely any experience can compare to it. This is a journey that will teach you a lot about animals and nature in general, and it is almost spiritual because it will help you define your personal goals in life better. If you ever need reasons to visit Tanzania, the Great Migration is the perfect one.

During the Great Migration, a large number of wildebeests can be seen crossing roads and rivers

Zanzibar is among most people’s most important reasons to visit Tanzania

Beaches in Zanzibar will steal your heart

Paradise seekers know that Zanzibar is as close to heaven as it gets on Earth. The white sandbar surrounded by turquoise water at Nungwi Beach will make you wonder whether you are dreaming or if it is all real. Being an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, it is expected that swimming isn’t the safest activity on each beach. But this is not true when we are at Pongwe Beach.

The waters are very calm there, allowing for peaceful relaxation in the deep, thanks to the offshore reef that protects this beach. Those that prefer to be more active should visit Paje Beach, which is perfect for kitesurfing and diving. There are many other beaches; whichever you choose, it will not lack palm trees, white sand, or crystal water.

Even when you are not at the beach, you will have a lot of fun

But the fact that Zanzibar is world famous for its beaches doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. There are a few animal sanctuaries that you can visit as a family and enjoy the company of giant tortoises and the very rare red colobus monkeys.

The largest city of Zanzibar, Stone Town, charms its visitors with enchanting streets and fabulous restaurants and shops. Also, make sure you don’t miss a spice tour that will take your sense of smell and taste on an adventure to remember. Zanzibar is often called a “Spice Island” because of its long-running production of various spices. There, you will be able to purchase some of the spices, which will make a great souvenir from this amazing trip.

The stunning beaches of Zanzibar are one of the most popular reasons to visit Tanzania

Visit Tanzania to explore Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzania is the proud home of the highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro. If you are serious about mountain climbing, making the ascent up Kilimanjaro must be at the top of your bucket list. There are multiple tours with various itineraries that take tourists to Mount Kilimanjaro, but there are a few things that are the same for most of them.

Climbing itinerary

First of all, the experience has proven that acclimatizing for a day or two before attempting the ascent increases the chances of your success. So, when you arrive, you will be checking into some accommodation at the appropriate sea level in Moshi. After that, a group climb will take between 7 and 9 days, whereas a private climb is somewhat shorter. Remember to reserve your place in one of the groups climbs at least 3 months ahead.

When the climbing activities are over, the fun is not over yet

Apart from the climb, which is the coolest thing to do in this region and the number one reason why tourists come here, there are other activities to participate in. Near Moshi, where you will most likely be staying, there’s a Materuni Waterfall that is 90 m high. Visitors can even swim in its clear pool. Coffee enthusiasts can visit a coffee farm and learn about the genesis of most people’s favorite morning beverage. Finally, the most relaxing activity in Mount Kilimanjaro is bathing in the Kikuletwa Hot Springs.

Learn about the Chimpanzees

The work of Dr. Jane Goodal

One of the biggest reasons to visit Tanzania is to see the chimpanzees, whose survival as a species is at risk. Namely, Gombe National Park gained visibility worldwide when Dr. Jane Goodall began her 60-year-long groundbreaking research related to chimpanzees. As a young woman, she came to Gombe and began living near the chimpanzees, observing their every move from up close.

She transformed the primatology, proving for the first time the almost-human behavior of these unusual primates. Apart from the rich scientific data she gathered about them, she drew attention to the fact that this particular species is at risk for extinction. A large part of her work focuses on working with the local communities to do as much as possible to preserve chimpanzees.

The situation with the chimpanzees today

Unfortunately, the chimpanzee population continues to decline. The arrival of refugees from other regions of Africa is one of the reasons for that, and these misfortunate people settle on the edges of Gombe. According to the moving experts from, the most popular city most people usually move to in Tanzania is Dar es Salaam. People that inhabit the Gombe National Park cut trees and reduce the size of the animal habitat to build homes and cultivate the land. That, in turn, reduces the available food for the animals. Chimpanzees are forced to search for food near the new settlers’ homes, risking contracting some disease and getting injured or killed by the scared humans. 

Nevertheless, many are making considerable efforts to save the chimpanzees, and tourists can observe all that. If the story of the most human-like animal in the world interests you, you should go to Gombe. That experience is priceless and makes a solid and emotional impression on everyone.

Gombe National Park is best known as a chimpanzee sanctuary, one of a kind in the world

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is the largest caldera in the world, and it is part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This area is extremely popular with tourists as a safari destination because of the vast population of animals rich in biodiversity. That includes elephants, black rhinos, black-maned lions, ostriches, and many others. The Maasai pastoralists also live in these areas, and tourists can learn about their unique culture and customs. 

If you want to visit this area, avoid the periods when it usually rains around there unless you want to see the flamingos. The good time to visit Ngorongoro Crater is from June to September and between December and February. Thanks to the large number of tourists that visit this part of Africa each year, the accommodation has evolved to be decent. You might even get a visit from a giraffe or an elephant, so should you decide to travel to Ngorongoro Crater, get ready for the most incredible trip you’ve ever been on.


After studying these 5 reasons to visit Tanzania in 2023, one must conclude that this breathtaking country is much more than a typical travel destination. It offers thrilling adventures that help you bond with nature and deeply feel the struggles of wildlife in modern times. It doesn’t lack honeymoon-quality content, such as paradise beaches and spa-like natural springs and pools. Tanzania possesses all the tourists to want from a good travel destination. But what makes this country special is the unique relationship it has with nature and the fact that, after seeing all one should see in Tanzania, you will never be the same again. And that is why everyone should visit it.

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