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Affordable Trips to Kenya and Tanzania

Posted on March 13, 2023

Tips and Tricks for Affordable Trips to Kenya and Tanzania

People usually think that traveling in Africa is only for the wealthy. However, once you start planning your trip, you will realize that this is not so true. There are plenty of ways to make your trip affordable if you plan and take some precautions. Here are some suggestions for affordable travel in Kenya and Tanzania.

Travel in a group

If you share the experience with a few friends or family members, planning this trip will be easier and way more affordable. If you’re traveling with friends, family, or a group of like-minded people, there are plenty of benefits to consider.

  • It’s more fun! You’ll have someone to share the experience with and can meet new people along the way.
  • It can be cheaper. Sharing costs means that everyone pays less than they would if they were traveling alone (or even with just one other person). This is especially true when it comes to accommodation. Of course, if you don’t mind sharing a room or even bedding in tents, this option might suit your budget perfectly.
  • You’ll travel safer. Having multiple eyes watching out for danger makes sense when considering how many people are involved in an excursion versus just one individual who may not notice a potential threat until it’s too late.

Book a safari company with a good track record.

As you’re planning your trip, it’s essential to choose a safari company with a good track record. You can do this by looking at the company’s reviews on social media and travel blogs, asking friends and family for recommendations, or simply reading our list of recommended companies.

Sharing costs means everyone pays less
Sharing costs means everyone pays less

Buy your tickets online in advance!

If you’re planning a trip to Kenya and Tanzania, you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance. The earlier you purchase them, the cheaper they will be. If you wait until the last minute, expect to pay more for them on top of what was already an expensive flight.

If buying tickets online isn’t an option for whatever reason, try going into town, where there might be some tour operators who can help get some last-minute deals on airfare.

Fly into Nairobi and out of Kilimanjaro or Tanzania

When you get to Nairobi, you can easily fly into Kilimanjaro or Tanzania. The airport is a hub for many airlines, so it’s easy to find cheap flights. When booking your ticket from Kenya, be sure to check if your airline has an office in Nairobi before buying one online. Sometimes it’s cheaper (or only available) locally!

Get an ATM card for local currency

If you’re going to Kenya or Tanzania, get an ATM card for local currency. You’ll want to carry some cash with you when traveling – but not too much. ATMs are available in most cities and towns, so it’s easy to get money without having to exchange large sums at the airport or exchange bureau. If you don’t have a bank account back home (or just don’t feel like using it), many ATMs will allow non-bank customers access as well.

Make sure to book your tickets in advance. A safari jeep
Make sure to book your tickets in advance. A safari jeep

You should also pack light for these trips – Kenya and Tanzania are known for hot and dry weather. Avoid common packing mistakes when traveling and make the most of your packing. For example, you can research and check out which pieces of clothing you need. Most of all, it’s important to always carry a bottle of fresh water with you so you can regularly hydrate.

ATMs can also be used at hotels and restaurants if they accept credit cards. This gives travelers peace of mind knowing that if anything happens with their wallet or purse during their trip, they won’t needlessly run out of funds while still abroad.

Book everything ahead of time

The first step to planning a trip to Africa is to book everything in advance. You’ll find that hotels, safaris, and flights tend to be cheaper if booked well in advance – sometimes up to 50% off. If you’re looking for an adventure tour operator or guide specializing in Kenya and Tanzania, get on their mailing list so that they can keep you updated on new tours offered through their company. If none of those options work out for you (or if you’re just not sure), consider booking a safari through reputable companies like:

  • Denhum Holidays
  • African Trails
  • Abercrombie & Kent
  • Abercrombie & Kent Signature Collection
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The earlier you plan these trips, the more affordable they'll be. Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park.
The earlier you plan these trips, the more affordable they’ll be. Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park.

Are you thinking of moving to Africa?

If you’re planning trips to Kenya and Tanzania because you’re considering relocation to Africa, you might also want to plan this process. Relocating overseas is everything but simple, which is why you should decide exactly how many moving boxes you wish to relocate. For situations where there is too much inventory to move, experts from Golan’s Moving and Storage suggest looking for a storage solution.

Prepare on time so that you don’t miss out on any of the great sights in Kenya and Tanzania

Keep in mind that the earlier you start planning these trips, the more affordable they will be. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Book everything in advance.
  • Make sure to book with a Kenya and Tanzania safari company with a good track record and ask for references if you’re not sure.
  • Buy your tickets online in advance so you can skip the lines at the airport when it comes time to check-in.
  • Fly into Nairobi and out of Kilimanjaro or Tanzania so that you have more time to experience both countries on your trip!
  • Get an ATM card for local currency (you’ll need one), as well as some US dollars–you never know when they might come in handy!
  • Don’t forget to get a few souvenirs from these destinations! You will remember them for the rest of your life.


We hope this guide has given you a better idea of what to expect when planning your trip to Kenya and Tanzania. We know it can be overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you from booking those tickets. The best thing about these two countries is their diversity: there are many opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and exploration – no matter what kind of traveler you are. If anything, just remember that being prepared will make things easier on yourself and help ensure that nothing gets missed along the way.

Kenya and Tanzania Safari

10 days Exploring the exquisite and never disappointing safaris in Kenya & Tanzania following the wildebeest migration routes which provides a unique and exciting experience.

his ten-day safari tour of two of East Africa’s most wildlife abundant countries, Kenya and Tanzania is a must for travelers wishing to take life by the scruff of the neck.

Marrying the best-loved locations of both countries provides a unique and exciting experience that can be tailored to suit your interests and budget. From safari lodges and tented camps to luxury boutique accommodation, this is your tour, and we want you to feel comfortable and engaged every step of the way.
If you got designs on observing the great migration, when millions of wildebeest cross the Mara River and attempt to evade top predators, then any time between June and October is going to draw dramatic displays. Game drives in the Masai Mara, close to the Serengeti in Tanzania, are simply unforgettable.

In 10 days, you will be touring and exploring Kenya and Tanzania safari famous parks with safari starting 1 night lake Nakuru national park, 2 nights Masai mara, 2 nights Serengeti, 1 night Ngorongoro, 1 night Tarangire and 2 nights Amboseli – end round tour of Kenya and Tanzania safari in Nairobi.

It’s important to note that Kenya and Tanzania safari Tour can be tailored starting the itinerary with 1 night in Nairobi with half day free city tour and completing in Arusha via Lake Manyara or Lake Nakuru however, this is your trip so if you fancy journeying in the opposite direction then just let us know. The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Amboseli National Park can all be experienced on a safari tour of Kenya and Tanzania.

Extra night at Serengeti or Masai mara is recommended between July-October, this give ample time if your Kenya and Tanzania safari aim is to watch the great wildebeest migration happening at the time.

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