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Beautiful Lakes in Africa

Beautiful Lakes in Africa

Posted on November 18, 2022

Beautiful Lakes in Africa you should visit while on Africa safari

Africa is a magnificent continent filled with natural beauty. You can find everything from high mountain peaks to deserts and oceans there. If you’re a nature lover, you should pay special attention to African lakes. They are as diverse as the continent itself. You can find just about any type of flora, fauna, and climate you can imagine. Even though Africa has many lakes you should visit, you probably won’t have time to see them all. To help you decide, we picked out a few of our favorites.

Lake Victoria

The first one on our list is the largest of all African lakes. Not only that, it’s the second-largest freshwater lake in the world, right after Lake Superior. It’s the source of the famous Nile, the longest river in the world. Many endemic species inhabit Lake Victoria, from different types of fish to plants and algae.

And the most significant part of it belongs to Tanzania. However, it also borders Uganda and Kenya. While Tanzania is a huge country offering many things to do, visiting Lake Victoria is a must if you find yourself there. Tourists mostly enjoy boat rides, fishing, and bird watching.

Kenya and Tanzania safaris
If you’re a fishing enthusiast, Lake Victoria is the place for you

Lake Tanganyika

Another one of the African Great Lakes, Lake Tanganyika, is known as the longest lake in the world. It borders four countries: Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Zambia. It is also the second deepest lake in the world, right behind Lake Baikal in Russia. Lake Tanganyika is home to many species of tropical fish, which makes it interesting for tourists. While there are crocodiles in certain parts of the lake, the others are for swimming. Not only that, there are decent-size waves on the lake, so you can also surf if that’s your thing!

Lake Kivu

One of the most beautiful lakes in Africa, Lake Kivu, is located between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It is known for being very tourist-friendly. On both sides, there are many lakeside towns where you can enjoy different activities, hotels, and beaches. This is the place to go if you’re looking for ways to stay calm and relaxed during your travels.

There are no dangerous wild animals, such as hippos and crocodiles, in the lake. In other words, you’ll be able to swim if you feel like it! However, if swimming’s not your thing, you can do plenty of other things. Boating, paddle boarding, cycling they’re all at your disposal.

Lake Malawi

As the name says, the biggest part of this lake’s coastline belongs to Malawi. However, you can also visit it from Tanzania and Mozambique. Lake Malawi is home to an astonishing number of fish species. The lake is an important food source for the locals. However, tourists can also enjoy seeing all the different types of fish, as many scuba diving and snorkeling tours are available. It’s also a convenient destination if you’re traveling with your little ones. The water in Lake Malawi is hot all year round, which makes it perfect for family outings.

Lake Chad

The Sahara desert takes up the majority of northern and central Africa. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lovely lakes you should visit while you’re there. One is Lake Chad, a shallow lake between Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria. Being surrounded by the desert has made this lake extremely important for people and wildlife. Many floating islands on the lake are home to many species of animals and birds. However, you should keep the fact that water levels vary throughout the year due to the climate in mind. This is why the best time to visit is during the rainy season.

Lake Bogoria

Kenya is one of the most naturally diverse countries in Africa. Even though there are many national parks and reserves to choose from, we highly recommend visiting Lake Bogoria. This shallow saltwater lake in central Kenya is home to a large population of pink flamingos. It is situated in a volcanic region, so you can witness geysers that go up to 6 meters up in the air. If you want to stay the night, the southern part of the lake has a few campsites available. There is also hotel accommodation in the northern part if that’s something you’d prefer.

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Kenya and Tanzania safaris
Seeing flocks of flamingos in person is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Lake Naivasha

Also located in Kenya, Lake Naivasha is famous for its underground water outlet. The wildlife and bird population here are among the most diverse in Kenya. If you’re into birdwatching, you should try your best to visit this lake, as it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Areas around the lake are safe for walking as there are no dangerous animals. This makes it great for family trips.

Lake Nakuru

Among the leading beautiful lakes in Africa is Lake Nakuru located inside the famous Lake Nakuru National Park. Here, you will not only see flamingos in their millions but also birds’ paradise with hundreds of species recorded. The park is at the center in major tourist circuits in Kenya, hence the choice of many as the connecting destination. The park is host of among the highest population of black and white rhinos in Kenya and considered breeding haven guarded 24hrs by park rangers and electric hence all around. Leading accommodation to stay at include lake Nakuru Sopa lodge, Sarova lion hill lodge, Lake Nakuru lodge among others.

Lake Elementaita

Overlooking the Great Rift Valley and in a protected conservancy is lake Elementaita, alkaline lake in nature, the best place to do nature walks. With hundreds of bird species and wildlife, this makes in the list of beautiful lakes in Africa for family short family trips in Kenya. The conservancy has top luxury camps for those looking for boutique luxury accommodation in less travelled Kenya safari routes.

Lake Albert

If you want to take a break from your safari adventure in Uganda, Lake Albert is the place to go and among the top beautiful lakes in Africa. Roughly half of it belongs to Uganda, while the other half borders the Democratic Republic of Congo. It may not be as easily accessible as other lakes on this list. Still, it doesn’t make it any less worth visiting. Lake Albert’s wildlife is diverse, with many wild animals roaming around. You’ll probably witness some river hippos, crocodiles, and antelopes in their full glory if you’re lucky.

Kenya and Tanzania safaris
Hippos are common in many lakes you should visit while in Africa.

Lake Retba

A visit to western Africa, specifically Senegal, is incomplete without a visit to Lake Retba. It’s’ name means ‘Pink Lake’, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The water is pink-colored due to a specific type of pink algae. This makes it a very popular place for sightseeing and taking photos. However, the color of the lake isn’t uniform throughout the year. The rain tends to dilute it and decrease its intensity. We recommend scheduling your visit for the dry season (from November to June) to get the best views.


Planning your trip to Africa is such an exciting experience. However, deciding where and what to see can sometimes be challenging. The list of lakes you should visit while in Africa could be endless. We’re sure that you’ll be able to visit at least one magnificent lake, no matter which part of Africa you’re traveling to.

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