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Bomas of Kenya was initiated in 1971 after Kenya’s independence (1964) and it is run by the Kenyan Government and aims to promote Kenya’s rich cultural heritage.

The term Bomas, meaning “homestead”, is displayed on your tour; each represents one of Kenya’s major ethnic groups and is built to the original traditional architecture of an African home as built by the ancestors. A Boma is a homestead and just a few kilometers from Nairobi, we have the Bomas of Kenya. Here you will experience the rich culture of Kenya’s 42 different ethnic groups as they live on a day-to-day basis. This is clearly demonstrated through traditional dances, music, song, and folklore. There is a splendid arena where acrobatic shows are performed. The Bomas of Kenya put on displays of traditional dancers and spread over many acres, it also has a wonderful display of mud huts and traditional Kenyan homesteads. The Bomas of Kenya is the ideal place to bring energetic children as they can freely run in and out of the traditional houses & mud huts, climb up ladders, and generally have a wonderfully active time.

These traditional houses are set out in clusters according to the region. The homes are grouped with the first wife’s hut, second wife’s hut, granary, etc and you can see where the livestock are kept and the enormous variety between the huts.

In addition to the main attractions (the dancers and the traditional homesteads), there is also a large, wooden play area for young children, a small, low-key village of craft shops, and other attractions. The Centre is set up for conferences and can offer cultural shows for audiences of up to 300 people.

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