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safest countries to visit in Africa

Top 10 Best & Safest Countries To Visit In Africa

Posted on April 27, 2022

You want to visit Africa but not sure which country to tour? In this post we look at 10 safest countries to visit in Africa. The list is updated regularly, the world global index ranking of safe African countries to visit is based on various factors.

However, the safest countries to visit in Africa has steadily ranked Kenya on top. Importantly to mention with isolation of its border with Somalia, lest of the country is safe. Like any other tourist destination, caution is a personal responsibility.

Why Kenya tops the safest countries to visit in Africa?

Several factors come to mind when answering this question. Among the top being personal responsibility in way ones is cautiously handling himself or herself. One cannot go downtown in any city exposing expensive jewelries and expect me safe. Likewise, going to nightclubs in unsecure neighborhoods too can be disastrous.

Nevertheless, Kenya is largely a safe destination not only because of security agents everywhere but also nature of Kenyans. Kenyan people are welcoming and hospitable by nature, local communities will always give a listening ear to strangers.

Tourist destinations and areas visited by tourists have high security manned by both regular police and tourist dedicated police force. National parks have good roads and security maned by dedicated Kenya wildlife service forces.

Are safaris in Kenya safe?

99% of safaris in Kenya are safe, however it’s not advisable to ignore travel advisories against visiting close to Somalia boarder. Otherwise, the rest on the country is safe and recommended to explore parks during safari in Kenya such as Masai mara and Amboseli.

Other best Kenya safari areas include Samburu, Tsavo, Nakuru, Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, beach holidays at the Kenyan coast among others.

Where to safari in Kenya?

As indicated in above paragraph, the best Kenya safaris areas includes the national parks and national reserves. Privately owned wildlife conservancies where most boarders and serves as “overflow” of wildlife national parks and reserves like Ol Pejeta; the largest rhino conservancy in East Africa

The best and safest places to visit in Kenya are:

Additionally, the choice of place to visit in Kenya is key to Kenya safari cost depending on its location. Thus, the need to consider if the place you wish to visit is ranked in the safest countries to visit in Africa.

Masai mara: This is the most famous wildlife conservancy in East and central Africa not only for the different wildlife that one would see; but also, for the wildebeest migration. Thus, it’s an all-year tourist destination with climax of it all being between July – September during wildebeest migration. All the big 5 African wildlife; elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion can be easily found during game drives.

Lake Nakuru: Located in the heart of great rift valley, Lake Nakuru National Park is a must visit. Not only offers one the spectacular view and beauty of the Rift valley but also the millions of flamingos in the lake. Other wildlife to see include rhino, reticulated giraffe, lions, leopards, buffaloes among others. Bird watchers, this one of the areas in Kenya where you will spot quite a good number of species.

Amboseli: Located along the Kenya and Tanzania border, Amboseli National Park is unique in that it’s only from here one would see Mt. Kilimanjaro clearly. Coincidentally, you will find the biggest and largest heard of elephants at Amboseli, of late some giving birth to twins more often.

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Being one of the oldest parks in Kenya, it’s divided into two by the highway (Mombasa Road) running through it to Tsavo east and Tsavo west. However, both have different terrains with west being more forested while east is more open savanna like.

Soil too is different with east having red soil hence the name “red elephants of Tsavo”.

As the most tours parks, this adds to the reason Kenya is among the safest countries to visit in Africa. In fact, you can combine all these Kenya best tourist destination and parks with our safari. Great Kenya safari; 7 days safari starting Nairobi ending in Mombasa, reason why its preferred by safari and beach holiday makers.

Other Safest countries to visit in Africa include:


Sharing border and coastline with Kenya, Tanzania is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa. Tanzania best tourist destinations includes the famous Serengeti national park, famous for wildebeest migration. Ngorongoro conservancy with beautiful Ngorongoro crater, lake Manyara and Tarangire with largest heard of elephants in east Africa.

However, there is a competition in tourist between Kenya and Tanzania for reason being they share too much in common. Most important is that they are joined by one world natural phenomena, the migration of wildebeest between the two countries. Wildebeest migration happens between Serengeti and Masai mara circle starting June to October.

Nevertheless, it’s good to note most of it happen all year round in Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservancy areas with Kenya happening July – September. To enjoy the two countries and being the safest countries to visit in Africa, there is a need to combine both in a 10 days safari.


A landlock country within east Africa and smallest in size among her Kenya and Tanzania neighbors. Her great safari destinations make Uganda among the safest countries to visit in Africa. The best safest places to visit on safari Uganda include Bwindi for gorilla trekking, queen Elizabeth national park among others.

Rwanda: another landlock country in East Africa is on the list of safest countries to visit in Africa. Though there are places considered safe, largely the country is safe and peaceful.

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