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A unique experience awaits at the Tembo House & Apartments. Tembo House Hotel & Apartments is situated at the heart of Stone Town Zanzibar by the picturesque seafront. The magnificent main Building has had various functions over the past centuries. Between 1834 and 1884 it served as the American Consulate in Zanzibar then passed on to become the trading offices of Cowasjee Dinshaw & Partners. Their headquarters was in Aden(what now is known as the Port of Suez), and with trading posts notably in most of the British Protectorate areas, it became the largest trading Company in the Indian Ocean. To this day, the name of CowasjeeDinwash& Partners is still visible at the main entrance of the Tembo House Hotel.

Tembo House Hotel has seen a few celebrities pass through its doors during the consulate era, the ConwasjeeDinwash era, and as a Hotel. Mahatma Gandhi, stayed here a few weeks with the Dinwash family on his journey back to India from South Africa in 1930. As a rising new star in the British, and the world music scene, Freddie Mercury and his family used to retreat to what is now ”Marashi” apartment whenever they came back to Zanzibar on holidays. Next to Tembo House Hotel is also what used to be the British Consulate, wherein 1874, Dr. Livingstone’s body was brought before embarking on its long journey back to England. A stone throw away is the Beit-al-Ajaib of House of wonders. This landmark building is the largest and by far, the tallest building in Stone Town.

Flanking the Beit-al-Ajaib is the Old Fort on one side and the Palace Museum on the other side. In other words, Tembo House Hotel is situated in a prime location, you need not go far to find the shops, the restaurants, and the Historical sites that Zanzibar Stone Town has on offer. Zanzibar port is just 5 minutes drive away and the Zanzibar International Airport a further 15 minutes away. Welcome home away from home


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